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2015 Annual Colonial Beach Rockfish Tournament Winners
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1.   All persons must adhere to all Potomac River fisheries Commission rules and Regulations. The boundaries for tournament fishing are between the 301 Bridge to the mouth of the Potomac. NO BOAT MAY ENTER THE BAY.

2.   The tournament committee will furnish each boat with a large numbered card that must be attached to the boat in such a manner as to be visible to other boats & left in place during fishing hours. The number must be displayed to the tournament officials at any time. No fish will be accepted if participant’s number was not recorded at weigh-in.

3.   Official fishing time: 7:00am-4:00pm. NO LINES IN THE WATER PRIOR TO 7:00AM.

4.   Boats wishing to weigh in fish must be AT MARKER 4 no later than 4:00 pm or an alternate site (to be announced) pending weather conditions.

5.   All fish weighed in by the Weigh Master will be returned to the angler as soon as the fish has been weighed and officially recorded.

6.   Fish MUST be caught on hook & line and should be kept on/in ice to prevent deterioration. All fish presented to the Weigh Master will be certified acceptable by a Tournament Official that will be on site to examine fish. Any fish not acceptable will be disqualified with all fishermen waiving the right to appeal the Rules Committee decision.

7.   The Weigh Master will only accept two (2) fish per boat per day for the Cash Prize Division.

8.   All fish accepted for weigh-in must be brought to the weigh station by eligible boat registered by the Tournament.

9.   Boats may not congregate close enough to pass fish.

10.    For the purpose of safety: all boats must adhere to Coast Guard regulation for their size. If possible, ALL boats should be equipped with a VHF or CB radio. Tournament committee will be monitoring VHF Channel 72, Tournament control can be contacted during the fishing hours for questions and updates.

11.    In the event of identical weight, the first fish checked will be declared the winner.

12.    The Rules Committee reserves the right to inspect all boats entered in the Tournament. They may inspect ALL coolers, bilges, containers, and compartments on the boat. Refusal will result in disqualification. No unclean tournament fish can be on the boat before the start of the day.

13.    Participants enter the Tournament at their own risk and accept full responsibility boats, crews, and anglers. There is no “Weather Committee”. Anglers on each boat must decide as to their participation and the boat’s capabilities to fish each day of the Tournament.

14.    Participants may not change vessels during the tournament without the expressed permission of the Tournament Rules Committee.

15.    All protests regarding the Tournament winners shall be in writing and accompanied by $100 cash deposit no later than 30 minutes prior to the announcement of winners at 5pm on Sunday. Participants involved in the protest may be required to submit to a lie detector test to help determine the veracity of the protest. Any dis- qualifications will cause the lower prize money winners to move up to the next level. If the protest is upheld, the $100 cash deposit will be refunded. If denied, the $100 becomes the property of the Tournament Committee.

16.    Only one prize per fish; each fish will be slotted to the highest category. Fish entered in the Youth Division, Ladies Division, or Special Anglers Division shall NOT be eligible for any other slot in the Tournament. It will be the decision of the Captain to enter the fish into the proper category .

17.    Rules, infractions, and qualifications: The violation of any of the above Tournament Rules shall constitute an automatic disqualification. Any boat disqualifications are for the entire tournament and will cause the forfeiture of all tournament fees and prize money. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to disqualify any boat at any time for a misrepresentation made on any application or registration form by any member of the boat and is the sole judge of any rule violation and its decision is final.


1.   Youth division will be male or female between the ages of 6 and 15 years of age.

2.   All youth’s name and age must appear on the application at the time of registration.

3.   There is NO entry fee for the Youth Division. A trophy will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place both Saturday and Sunday.

4.   The Weigh Master will accept only one (1) fish per youth per day per boat.

5.   Fish entered in the Youth Division shall not be eligible for any other slot in the tournament.

*All other tournament rules and regulations apply to the Youth Division.


1.   Ladies division will be females ages 16 and up.

2.   All Ladies names must appear on the application at the time of registration.

3.   There is no entry fee for the Ladies division. A trophy will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place overall on Sunday.

4.   The Weigh Master will accept only one (1) fish per contestant per day per boat.

5.   Fish entered in the Ladies division shall not be eligible for any other slot in the tournament.

*All other tournament rules and regulations apply to the Ladies division.


Eligibility for the Special Angler division will be based on the following:

-Angler is currently enrolled (or eligible) in a national special sports competition program for the intellectually disabled (e.g. Special Olympics)

- Angler is receiving existing services (or eligible for services) via the public schools for intellectual disability or a developmental delay

-If none of the above, the angler (or parents of the angler) can provide doctor's name, telephone number, and address for verification of intellectual disability

**Please note that all rules of the Youth Division EXCEPT for the age restrictions apply for the Special Anglers Division**

*All other tournament rules apply to the Special Angler Division